Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Art For Inspiration Station is almost done!

Spring has sprung in the gallery today! We have been setting up our Art For Inspiration Station and it's looking fantastic. I'm posting a few images of how the space looked in the beginning and today as we are setting up.
Julie has some of the most unique ideas, I just love it! I should also mention that Julie has enlisted the creative input of Greg Yaghsezian from Hirshfield's Design Studio. They are located right across the street from the IMS building. I think he and Julie are definitely on the same page with their inspiration for the station. It is bright, cheerful, fun, full of energy and actually makes me laugh out loud because it is so whimsical!
We are happy to have the the partnership from some of the showrooms at IMS to help with donating the accessories and furniture for the room. We will list everyone who has been a part of the Art For Inspiration Station on the next blog.

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