Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Art

I have been very busy bringing in new artwork these days. There are many new pieces on paper and canvas in the gallery right now. Some of the pieces are by local artists and others are by regional favorites. Our canvas racks are spilling over with fresh new pieces. If you get a chance, come in to take a peek!

The gallery has also introduced some beautiful new mouldings for custom framing. There are probably close to 75 new mouldings on our walls! When I were unpacking them it was hard to pick what my new favorites would be! Frames are like fine jewelry to me. Frames can dress something up, make it funky, sophisticated, rustic or classic. I love framing as much as I love art.

The Galleria location will have some great shows coming up. I'll post the information when I get the details.

Stay warm,


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